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Johnny Smith
Keller Williams Greater Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN
License #: TN 337757/GA 372550 - TN / REALTOR® at Johnny Smith Homes
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MARKET CENTER Keller Williams Greater Chattanooga

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5 BIG REASONS TO CALL JOHNNY SMITH HOMES TO SELL YOUR HOME! 1. WE SELL MORE HOMES The average agent in the greater Chattanooga area sells less than 9 homes per year. Our team consistently sells more than three times that amount each and every year. Because of our experience, we can handle any bumps in the road with ease and our proven home selling system has been tried and true for all of our transactions. Call us at (423) 488-1563 to see how our system can help you get your home sold. 2.) YOUR HOME WILL SELL FOR $?????? MORE According to 2020 MLS statistics, we sell our clients homes for an average of 8.89% more money compared to the average area agent. On a $200,000 home, that's an extra $17,780 more money in your pocket! To see how we can sell your home for more money call (423) 488-1563. 3.) WE HAVE THE BUYERS IN WAITING We currently 146 buyers in waiting in our Database. These are Buyers that have contacted us and are most likely to buy. Your home may already be SOLD! In fact, the odds are that the buyer for your home is already in my database! To see our list of buyers in waiting and to see how that can benefit you, call (423) 488-1563. 4.) YOUR HOME WILL SELL FASTER According to MLS statistics, we sell our clients homes on average in 20.4 days faster than the average agent. That's 66.7% faster! That is less time with people coming into your home and disrupting you in your home! To see how we can sell your home faster AND for more money call (423) 488-1563. 5.) YOUR HOME IS MORE LIKELY TO SELL According to 2018 & 2019 combined MLS statistics, JOHNNY SMITH HOMES successfully sold its listings 100% of the time while the average agent successfully sold their listings only 92.5% of the time. Not only do we sell our listings for more money and faster than average area agent, but your home is also MORE LIKELY to sell. To see how you can benefit from JOHNNY SMITH HOMES's superior selling systems, call direct (423) 488-1563. Call The Johnny Smith Homes at (423) 488-1563 And Start Packing!

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My Preferred Vendors
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Johnny Smith
License #: TN 337757/GA 372550
Johnny Smith Homes

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Keller Williams Greater Chattanooga
7158 Lee Hwy Chattanooga, TN 37421

Johnny Smith
REALTOR® TN 337757/GA 372550
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